IronIQ is a powerful, beautiful, and modern workout tracker for your iPhone.

Prefer the world in pink?


A personal trainer in your pocket, IronIQ supports your journey to greatness. Achieve incredible results with a gym partner that never misses a set.

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    IronIQ makes following a workout routine easy, clear, and fun.

  1. With a beautiful layout, IronIQ clearly separates your workouts by day, so you can head to the gym with confidence.
  2. Choose from the most popular workouts on earth, including PPL, 5x5, Heavy Duty, and many more. Or, make your own!
  3. IronIQ can even make workouts for you, and help you reach your best self.

    IronIQ is filled with inspirational details.

  1. Each calendar day has a unique and motivational message.
  2. With two default color themes, IronIQ starts each workout off on the right footing.
  3. Try out our free Bloom theme?

    Get an incredible workout experience.

  1. IronIQ moves through your workout with just a single tap, keeping you on track and providing helpful information along the way.
  2. Powerful features, such as exercise how-to's, charts, and weight plate caluculation, easily accesible via clear & refined navigation.
  3. Thoughtfully placed elements help you reach your goals without distraction.

    Rest & Progress.

  1. Recovery is just as important as the effort you put in, IronIQ makes that easy with a helpful recovery timer.
  2. When your rest is complete, IronIQ moves to show you your next set, keeping you on track and pushing.
  3. IronIQ charts your progress along the way.

    Never lose a notebook again.

  1. All workouts are synced to your iCloud account, and can be quickly shared with friends.
  2. Occasionally workout on iPad, or want to build a workout on your Mac? Workouts sync between devices instantly.
  3. Your workouts are never shared with anyone unless you choose, not even IronIQ, & we never share your workout data with third parties.

    Apple Watch & Apple Health supported.

  1. Wear an Apple Watch? IronIQ automatically starts a workout on your wrist, and your biometrics are privately stored in the Health App.
  2. IronIQ on your wrist provides helpful additional information, like time active, heart rate, and the most accurate weightlifting calorie burn on earth.
  3. We never share your health data with third parties.

    IronIQ is completely free, with no limits.

  1. No paywalls for any of the app's core features.
  2. With a small in app purchase you can make a custom theme of your own - and enjoy an ad free experience.
  3. Tired of subscriptions? We've got a lifetime purchase too.

    Available across the world.

  • English, 中文, Français, Deutsch, हिन्दी, Italiano, 日本語, 한국어, Português, Español, Tiếng Việt


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